Asthma care plan---HELP

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    I NEED HELP....
    Im doing a care plan for a person with acute astma, does anyone can help me ????

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    i can help you, but posting the patient's medical disease is not sufficient information. a care plan is about determining the patient's nursing problems and then coming up with strategies to do something about them. we use the nursing process to help us do that. the first step of the nursing process is gathering as much information about the patient as can be found by doing a thorough assessment. assessment consists of:
    • a health history (review of systems)
    • performing a physical exam
    • assessing their adls (at minimum: bathing, dressing, mobility, eating, toileting, and grooming)
    • reviewing the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and complications of their medical condition [acute asthma:]
    • reviewing the signs, symptoms and side effects of the medications/treatments that have been ordered and that the patient is taking [see:]
    gather this information and post it. then, i will explain the next step which is determining this patient's nursing problems.

    you can see information about care planning on this thread: - help with care plans. you also might want to look at these previous student threads that are about asthma care plans:
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    Thank you very, I'll see those webside and get back to you.

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