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I am hoping someone can clear up some confusion for me. Situation: A patient comes into your ER and is experiencing signs of alcohol withdrawal. As a nurse which would be your first priority: A) Assess if patient is taking... Read More

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    With this type of scenario, our instructors would say that you want to get as much info regarding the current topic (alcohol withdrawal) as you can before continuing on. Think about it this way... a patient comes into the ER with chest pain... are you going to ask them specifics about their chest pain first or move on and ask if they have pain anywhere else?
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    I agree the question already states they are with alcohol withdrawal.....

    If someone walks up to you as a nurse with the shakes and tells you they are suffering fro ETOH withdrawl.....your first question is......when was you last drink much do you usually drink, followed by..... do you use any other substances.
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    The NCLEX wants to know whether you recognize patient safety issues; they also want you to get more pertinent information to help you make decisions.

    If you have already assessed this person as showing signs of alcohol withdrawal, you know how dangerous this is if untreated. In order to protect him maximally, you need information on when his last alcohol intake was, so that's the priority.

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