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the american pyschological association (apa) style is a set of rules or guidelines designed to ensure clarity and uniformity of scientific writing. this publication manual aims to minimize distraction and maximize precision in... Read More

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    Unfortunately for me this semester, my nursing instructor is a NUT for APA 6th edition formatting. I see absolutely no advantage over the 5th edition. This is a rant on my instructor...Who cares about content? What counts is where you put this and that and the other. I probably could have typed "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" and other such silliness and gotten a great grade as long as I had it properly cited etc.

    Thanks for the links! God I hate APA!

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    Vicky I LOVE YOU.

    I'm going back to school and I know I will have to have a good understanding of APA style. I was even going to pay for an online class that explained it.

    I'll just use these resources instead and not have to put out any money.

    MSN10 will owe you a thank you also, I was going to make her proof read all my papers.
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    While in nursing school, I purchased a software program off the net called "PERRLA" If you need to do a search for this, it should be easy to find. I was never marked down for any of my citings, they always came out right. All you do is answer questions and the software puts it together for you. Awesome stuff! :twocents
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    I also wanted to thank you for your very helpful post!
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    I LOVE the Purdue OWL website, linked to in the first post:


    I have recommended it to dozens of people. When I am writing a paper, I leave a window open with the OWL site on it. When I have a question, I scroll through OWL and 95% of the time, the answer is there, with a lovely example I can emulate.
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    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Summary. Organized. And links for further reference. Thanks a bunch!

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