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Anxiety Care Plan - help with interventions

  1. 0 I need help with my care plan for anxiety. I was with my patient for just about an hour prior to her c-section. It was a planned c-section for fetal macrosomia. We have to list at least 5 indepedent and 2 interdependent interventions. I need help with another interdepedent. Thanks!

    anxiety r/t invasive procedure

    1. Assess vital signs q30min.
    2. Assess for physical signs of stress.
    3. Assess level of anxiety.
    4. Stay with pt.
    5. Provide reassurance and comfort.
    6. Speak slowly and calmly.
    7. Give clear and simple explanations to questions about upcoming procedure.
    8. Instruct pt on short term coping mechanisms such as steady deep breathing and distraction.

    9. Contact MD for anti-anxiety medication if anxiety becomes moderate to severe.
    10. ?????
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    maybe something in the lines telling the patient about deep breathing to reduce anxiety...
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    what about determining how the pt currently copes with anxiety?