Acute pain care plan

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    Okay I am so confused on this one
    My instructor chose the nrsg dx: acute pain r/t internal factors.
    He had a cholecystectomy, subtotal colectomy with end ileostomy.
    I have one intervention on my care plan so far:
    administer analgesics as ordered (then gave the order).
    I want it to be really good , can anyone please help me with any other interventions?
    Thank you so much!

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    don't forget post op infection. intervention for that. because infection causes more pain. is there a drainage? pt education?
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    use, talking, it will distract the patient from thinking about the pain.
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    Just did a care plan on pain.. here are the steps i took

    1. Assess pain characteristics
    a) Intensity
    b) Timing
    c) Location
    d) Quality
    e) Personal Meaning
    f) Aggravating and alleviating factors
    2. Assess factors affecting pts. pain experience
    a) Ethnic and Cultural Values
    b) Developmental Stage
    c) Environmental and support people
    3. Acknowledge and accept the presence of pain.
    4. Assist patient with ROM exercises
    5. Teach use of non pharmacologic techniques for pain relief:
    guided imagery
    music therapy
    6. Demonstrate and practice techniques with pt.
    7. Perform cutaneous massage.
    8. Monitor vital signs
    a. Pulse
    b. BP
    c. Respirations
    9. Administer pain meds.
    10. Monitor side effects.
    11. Monitor therapeutic effects of medication
    12. Instruct pt. to request PRN pain meds before the pain is severe
    13. Ensure pt. is in functional alignment and that joints are supported
    14. Instruct pt. to change positions frequently
    15. Consult with Physical Therapy.

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