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  1. by   nurseprnRN
    as adults it behooves us to have a good handle on our own beliefs and values, yes. but to be a nurse is to leave your values behind, in my opinion, if they prevent you from acting in a way that they are in any conflict with the patient/family's beliefs. sure, if you are a devout (insert your favorite religion here) who believes that (insert medication/action here) is an offense to (insert deity here) and you will not participate in its use because it (offends deity/puts your soul in danger/is a mortal sin), then you can (ask someone else to do it for you, take a job somewhere else where it won't come up, or other). what you cannot do is impose your beliefs on the patient.

    in turn, this means we are obligated to be mindful about discovering the patient/family beliefs when appropriate, so we aren't thoughtlessly doing what we think is right only to discover later, to our sorrow, that we were wrong.
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