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Which stethoscope would you nurses recommend? I'm starting an RN program in Jan...I want a GOOD one that will last me throught school and into my career. Please help! Post links/pics if you can!... Read More

  1. by   Robublind
    Quote from tamadrummer
    I have 2 excellent stethoscopes. The master cardiology and MDF ER premiere, the master cardiology is >$200 the MDF cost about $160 or something like that. I like the Littman because it weighs less but the MDF gives me better auscultation IMHO.

    If you can go to a medical supply store and try them out. In school you don't need to have the best of the best but it will help to start out with the best you can afford. Personally I would buy apps for my phone before tangible equipment. You will also want to see what books they give you and then supplement from there. I know I used a ton of the drug guide apps, lab apps, and other things all the time except in the actual hospital. We were not allowed to touch our phones when in the hospital setting for clinicals.
    I agree my Drug guide, tabers, lab guide and disease & disorder guide (all the information I needed for my paperwork) on my phone save me in school. Out of school, I use mainly the drug guide and lab guide. Wait til you get a job to spend the money on a good stethoscope.
  2. by   sandraspiers
    Littman Cardiology III. Definately the best, but yes get your name engraved on it I lost one too.