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I'm a new grad. Most of my previous positions required me to stand for long periods of time and I never really found the shoe that worked for me. The best I found were Crocs, but I'm not a fan of how... Read More

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    I wore Danskos for years and loved them. But then, I don't know if something changed with them but they didn't seem to fit the same, so I went to sneakers, but unless you get the perfect sneaker, it didn't work for me. So, I tried Crocs and I love them and now wondering where in the world they have been all my life!!! I know you said you don't like the look of them but man are they comfy. But you have to go with what works best for you.
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    I love my Quark Pro-Air II Nurse's shoes. I had a pair of Dansko's and my feet have never hurt so bad. I returned them soon thereafter, but then someone told me that you have to give them 2 weeks to break in. No break in time needed for my quarks, they are durable, comfortable, have great padding/inserts, and vents on the side so your feet can breathe. They are also less than $50 a pair - can't beat that!

    I have also heard good things about the Z-coil, several coworkers swear by them, one w/ plantar faschiitis. Weird lookin shoes, but they work and make a fun conversation piece
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    There's a new brand coming out next year, 4Eursole, and many people have tried on a prototype sample and said it's absolutely amazing. I've heard they will be available in stores in March, and there's already a list of people waiting for them! Sometimes there are promotions that offer a discount code for a free pair!!!!
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    I tried Danskos but the top of my foot kept going numb. I currently wear Alegria and I adore them. I teach and have 9 students at clinical so constantly running. My feet love the Alegria! I have the zebra striped ones! So many colors to choose from ..
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    I enjoy my Alegria's - great support.