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Does anyone wash their dirty scrubs with their regular load of laundry? I know the soap is self-cleaning, but it seems kind of weird to wash the bacteria out of your scrubs, let them float in the... Read More

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    I think this is a great discussion! What happens if you just wash your laundry in cold water???? Those really nasty spores aren't going to be killed by washing machine hot water. Does anyone know what the hospital laundries do when they wash the hospital scrubs?? If I have enough scrubs, I will wash them in one load...but I usually wash them with my other wash. I've had nights, though, when I undress at the door (outside) because I'm afraid my dogs are going to get some really nasty stuff on them when they jump on me. Or if I've had a trauma and I look like a victim at a crime scene. Vinegar is good for getting rid of nasty scents....and of course hydrogen peroxide for organic stains. Baking soda in the wash is good too.
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    I wash mine with everything else. I never really thought to wash them separately. I'm not much of a germophobe though.
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    i throw it all in. listen, i don't have a washer/dryer at my apartment, so i'm either hogging my boyfriend's washing machine or using the nearest laundry facility.. and that gets pricey when i'm already paying $1150/mo for rent on my little one bedroom. my work shoes, however, stay outside on my deck at all times unless they're on my feet.
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    The heat from the dryer will kill some bacteria and germs, so I don't worry about it. I'm not really a germophobe, either, though.

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