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matter to the employer? Or do most employers not care about the color of shoes? I'm a student know, but I'm almost done (I'll finish the RN program in 9 weeks. Yah-hoo!) Anyway, my shoes I have are killing me, and everyone... Read More

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    I'd say wait till you get the job before you buy expensive shoes unless you have spare money. I didn't know there could be 'shoe color codes' but glad I asked my employer because I was told white shoes are the uniform. Personally, I've always worn white shoes in the hospital setting so it wasn't a big deal plus I'd rather own a bazillion white shoes than white scrubs.

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    Agree that generally with nurses, white shoes have historically been correct. A lot of hospitals have gone to white "whatever" shoes -- clogs, nursing shoes, crocs, athletic shoes, it doesn't really matter, as long as all white. I think that if you insist on buying Danskos before you grad, white would be a safe choice. My first pair of Danskos was white. As far as others wearing black/brown Danskos, I have found that to be true as well, but mostly they have been physicians or nurses, but not direct care nurses wearing scrubs (had other jobs).

    I'm on my 4th pair of Danskos now, and since my employer doesn't care, my most recent ones are a faded denim with little multicolored stripes . They match my ceil blue scrubs pretty well.
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    Our shoe policy does not include color. However, when I bought my last pair of danskos, I bought white because I do wear a white nursing dress occasionally (it started out as several of us on the unit trying to be funny, but then I actually liked it and decided to keep wearing it). When I get the chance to buy another pair at a reasonable price, I'll buy something funky: leopard print, bright red, something.

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