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  1. I'm a PCA on the floor while I'm in nursing school and I'm curious about replacing my shoes. I've read recommendations that they need to be replaced every 500 miles. Needless to say I work 24-32 hours a week and calculated that I walk approximately 6-10 miles per shift. At this rate I'd need to replace my shoes once a month. I currently wear a pair of super comfy New Balance walking shoes which were around $50. I didn't wanna shell out the $120 for Dansko's but now I'm rethinking it.

    Do Dansko's need to be replaced as often? How often do you replace your shoes? Is 500 miles realistic or should I look more into the amount of time I wear them (i.e. months)?

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  3. by   WoundedBird
    The replacing shoes every so many miles is more for runners due to the amount of shock the cushioning the sneakers absorb repeatedly and that leads to breakdown of the cushioning while can lead to injuries. New Balances are a great choice as are Danskos which are worth ever single penny in my mind. My current pair of Dansko XPs are about 18 months old with light-average use (more in the winter months). There is some tread wear on the bottom (a better way to measure if your shoes need to be replaced than just going by miles) but there is enough to last me through my 2.5 year program. If they kick before the end, I can deal with it, but that's my goal (and I have NBs to rotate in when my feet / body need them).