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So the local uniform shop here has decided to STOP carrying the required color scrubs our hospital requires nursing to wear. Not sure why-- seems bad for business.. not carrying the color scrubs most... Read More

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    What do you mean by panels?
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    She just took a traingular piece from one pair and sewed it into the sides and crotch of the pants and then did the same for the side of the top. I think the term is gusset? I am more fluffy in the middle and need extra width, especially for bending!
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    Hum--I may just try that!
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    It helps a lot!
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    Cherokee Workwear. Those things wear like nothing I've ever seen. Marcus Uniforms has them for the lowest prices I've seen, and they're available in every color under the sun.
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    I like ordering from they have great prices and really fast shipping