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im having the hardest time trying to find scrubs that fit. i'm 5'2 but, with a small frame and can't find anything that fits. does anyone else have this problem? do you know where there is a good selection of scrubs? work n... Read More

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    Cherokee XXS is still too big for me. I also feel like it "hangs" on me. I have found that the grey's anatomy xxs fits great. But alas, I settled for "larger" scrubs and what I do is wear some yoga pants and shirts UNDER my scrubs. Keeps me nice and toasty.

    Also, check out this website! The scrubs feel a little bit more "hip" per say. hehe

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    I'm 5'2'' 105-110lbs size 0-2 and carry what little weight I have in my hip/thigh area. This is what works for me:

    -Koi Lindsey pants XS (I buy regular but they come in petite)
    -Koi Katelyn top XS (shorter than the other Koi tops, and has a tie to tighten it below the bust)
    -Wonder Wink Utility Girl Stretch pants and tops XS.
    -Grey's Anatomy junior fit XS, but I stopped buying because the cargo pockets are teeny.
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    Grey's Anatomy all the way. My oldest set is from 2009 and you would never guessed its that old. Color still looks great. After that first one I have bought about 4-5 more Barco scrubs. Same Grey's Anatomy line but different top styles. Love these!
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    I'm 5'4" and 110lbs. I almost exclusively wear Koi -- Lindsay pants in XS and Katelyn top in XS. I buy the regular length pants but there's a petite length that you could try.

    Also, try on Urbane -- they run on the small side and I believe that they carry XXS.
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    BLUE SKY scrubs are SO cute and fit so well. I am 5'1" and weigh 95 and im a perfect xxs. I want to tell everyone about these scrubs because they are an awesome, feminine fit and they package them so cute, too. Buy them up! I wear the Grey label.

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