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The vast majority of nursing scrubs are made using blends of polyester and cotton, although some uniforms are 100 percent cotton and others are constructed with 100 percent polyester material. A... Read More

    Quote from SlaveHeart
    Carhartt scrubs! I can dig that!
    I am just a CNA and am going to be starting my first job this weekend, yay. The facility provides us with black scrubs that are a polyester blend. I hope it breaths well and doesn't wrinkle much since I dry my laundry on a clothes line.
    SlaveHeart, what do you mean you are "just a CNA"? I love CNAs, while in nursing school you were awesome to me :bowingpur

    I am round - in the wrong places, I used to love wearing NU DIMENSION Stretch and I can no longer find this brand, so I bought whatever Uniform City had on sale, Dickies or Cherokees, but nothing compared to these. I would love to find a pair of pants that can hold thick legs like the ones I have....and that it stretches, these were awesome and they last a long time. I too cannot see myself paying for Greys Anatomy; but then again even if I wanted to they are made for thin people - I tried a pair. I also love lots of pockets.
  2. by   Ava Z.
    If you're looking to purchase printed scrubs, polyester is definitely a way to go since it retains the vibrancy of the print and the colors no matter how many wash cycles you put it through.
  3. by   sadatti
    I finally found them as I have same
  4. by   Nursing_94
    Hello my name is Joshua I have been a CNA for 2 years and make scrub tops at home. I have made a scrub top for a coworker last year and one for me. When we tried them out at work after a week I went back to her and she loved it and so did I but I am trying to find a good fabric where I can find prints that would appeal to both the male and female population in the nursing field. Personally I am looking for fabric that won't sacrifice a durability for flexibility that is sturdy holds it shape over years of use and can be worn year round.

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