'Nursing' or Athletic Shoes? White?

  1. 0 What do you wear?

    Nursing shoes, or an athletic shoe?

    White, or black (or other)?

    Socks- compression, or athletic? White or black?

    I have worn Nurse Mates, Landau, Cherokee, and now Dansko. All White. I hate how white scuffs and shows dirt. hmmm, not sure what I want to try next.
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    I wear white Cherokee shoes. I'm not too sure how I feel about them. Love how grippy they are and the lightness, but not sure exactly how comfortable they are (I'll find out more next semester when I have more intense clinicals). I wear knee high compression socks, white (I have to wear white pants as my uniform, so not much of a choice there...)

    I'm very curious about Danskos, I might need to try a pair on sometime and save up some money to buy some if I do end up liking them.
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    I love my danskos!
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    I alternate a pair of pink Birkis clogs and a pair of white Crocs Mercy Works.

    I have one pair of support socks that are pink and knee high. The rest of the time, I wear colored or patterned socks, though I do have a few pair each of white and black.

    I work at a children's home, so we keep things a little less formal.
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    First to be said is...I will NEVER wear white shoes ever again in my life as a nurse. Had to wear white shoes as a student nurse. Never. Again. Ever.

    I currently wear dark brown leather dansko's with a black sole. I also wear black knee-high compression hose.

    Prior shoe choices have been all black Klogs.

    Like I said, NEVER again will a white shoe touch my foot. White shows EVERYTHING....and most nurses wade in 'everything' during each shift. Who wants to go around showing it off? blech!
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