Need an amplified stethoscope

  1. I am a new CNA who just got a job with home health and they are requiring us to purchase our own stethoscopes. I figured I would post here because someone with more experience would be able to help me. The problem is I have hearing loss... It is moderate and been that way my whole life. I have it in both ears but I wear only one completely in the canal hearing aid in my left ear. I have researched these pieces you attach to the stethoscope to wear on the hearing aid but I think the pressure will be too much. I'd rather pull the hearing aid out, put it in my pocket and wear an amplified stethoscope. Searching online, I have found some that cost hundreds of dollars does anyone know of where I could find a good one that is cheaper? I will likely invest in something better down the line, but I am just starting out and will be in nursing school later this year. I'm having trouble finding a decent and lower priced amplified stethoscopes online to purchase.
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    Check out ultrascopes. I have a HOH classmate who got one and likes it a lot. I have a standard and I hear better with it than my Littman. I also like that you can customize them (including uploading a picture to put on the bell).
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    Have you tried using just a plain old scope? You may sill be able to hear the bp even if its faint. Just an idea.

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