Need a white shoe for nursing school - comfort stressed

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    I am starting nursing school next month and need to find an enclosed soft heeled shoe with no logo. The shoe must be white and is allowed to have the heart logo or I think other nursing logos are acceptable. I think nurse mates was one of them.

    Also, apparently I have charcot marie tooth disease, I had inserts made but, they are very hard and I am not sure whether I will want to wear them. I have nerve damage in my left leg on the right side below my knee and my muscles are atrophied. I experience some pain in the achilles tendon and sometimes in the arch and toe when on my feet for a long time, especially on hard floors. I was hoping I could have some help finding one of these logoless all white shoes and hopefully get an opinion on comfort as well.
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    Have you checked out those new "Shape-Ups" from Skechers? they do make an all white pair, and I think the only logo on them is that small "S." I have tried some on and although they can look kinda geriatric, they are SO comfortable. I am not familiar with the foot problems you are describing though, so maybe they would not be right for you. Just a thought. Good luck in your search.
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    Basically I have high arches especially the affected leg and my toes curl down. I am lacking muscle support and the tendons suffer from that I think and get tight. Comfort is the main thing though, thanks. I'll check them out.

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