MDF 767x or Littmann Lightweight II Se

  1. Hello!
    I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion or has used both of these stethoscopes. They are both in my price range but I'm not sure which will be better.

    So MDF 767x or Littmann Lightweight II SE? Which one is the better of the two??
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  3. by   katiebear
    I just recently purchased a Littmann Lightweight and I adore it, but I have noticed it is shorter than my previous stethoscope and the ear pieces are smaller. In my case, that was what I wanted, but in some people's cases it may be a bad thing. I have very little ears and a normal stethoscope size hurts them after a full day.

    What specifically did you want to do with it? Another point is I was just looking for something for physical assessment and the basics. The Lightweight is a good choice for that, in my opinion.
  4. by   IcuRn83
    I am a little hard of hearing, when I first graduated I got the Littmann classic, then recently switched to the Lighweight. I have found that I can't hear nearly as well with the Lightweight as I could with the classic. I asked some of my co-workers and they agreed that they couldn't hear as well with the Lighweight either, so now I'm back to using the classic until I find a replacement. Im looking into getting the littmann master cardiology. Like I mentioned before, I am a little hard of hearing, and work in ICU, so I need something that can really help me hear lung and heart sounds well. I am not familiar with the MDF 767x, but I do know that them majority of my co-workers stick with the Littmann brand. The Lightweight might work well for you, you should try to find some online reviews that compare the two.