Maxiscope stethoscopes

  1. I just wanted to post a mini-review on the maxiscope, which is the cheaper, plainer version of the ultrascope. I bought one a few weeks ago and have really been impressed with it. I can hear better with it than I can with my Littman Classic and it was way cheaper. Can't compare it to the cardiology since I haven't used that one before. It's super lightweight too. I got mine in a bright, fun color and get lots of compliments from my patients on it too. I think my only complaint is that my dark scrubs transfer on to the tubing a little (I got a lighter color and there are dark smudges near the diaphragm and ear pieces).

    I bought it to test out the brand before possibly buying one of the fancy, painted head stethoscopes from ultrascope, but I might hold off because this one is working out so well for me. Just wanted to share!
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  3. by   notjustanurse
    Thank you! I had been looking at them and was interested to hear from someone (not on the manufacturer's website) who had actually used one. I ordered mine today!