Just got my Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope.. - page 8

Just wanted to say that it's awesome. Much, much better than the cheaper base models you see floating around. I'm not saying that those are worthless or anything, but this one was worth the money. I see it as an investment for... Read More

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    Quote from rowdypanda
    It sounds like the overwhelming majority is that people love it! I have also been looking at the cardiology III but I am not sure which one to go with.

    If you'll be working with peds patients, need/want a traditional bell, or want to be able to listen for carotid bruits get the Cardiology III. Otherwise get the Master Cardiology.

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    Can you use a Master Cardiology to do BP?
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    Quote from Soupysoup
    Can you use a Master Cardiology to do BP?
    Yes it works well.
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    My boyfriend is a paramedic & I stole his Master Cardiology one day & took it to work. Oh my goodness, it was amazing! I usually use a Littman Classic and thought it was pretty decent, but the Master Cardiology blew mine out of the water. I'm planning to get one in the near future.

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