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Hello all, I am applying to three Nursing programs at different regional campuses through Kent State University (better chances of getting in next Fall 2012). I talked to the Director of the nursing program for one campus and... Read More

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    Love my Cardiology III for adults and peds!
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    The Cardiology III seems to have a little heavier gauge spring in it so the ear pieces press a little harder into your ears providing a better seal. It does a better job of sealing out ambient noise than either my Master Classic II or the El-cheapo Prestige I own. The tubing in the Cardiology III is also a larger diameter.
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    I have both the Classic II S.E. (used it in nursing school) and the Cardiology III and I must say, I LOVE my Cardiology III! Acoustics are better and it's great for both adults and peds. I occasionally work down in the ER where we will see pedi patients so the Cardiology III has become very useful in that aspect