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  1. Hi, I am a new graduate and need some advice on choosing a new stethoscope for a new job. I will be working as a Medical Surgical Float nurse. Price is not a huge factor, for I plan on using my stethoscope for years to come and want my new job to be easier than harder in areas I can control. I do have trouble hearing with background noise and want my assessments to go as quickly as possible with the help of a new stethoscope. I was interested in a Littman brand. I've read a lot of posts and seems that the electronic stethoscope and the master cardiology are two that I am highly considering. However, I am worried that the electronic might be more difficult to use (have not read to much about how to use this stethoscope though)? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Owloveyou
    I use the Littman Master Classic 2. (I believe) It is a solid silver head with no smaller bell. I've had three different Littmans and loved every one of them. I hear the best out of the master classic 2, but it can be heavy and gives me a neck ache if I throw it over my neck often. I use a lighter weight Littman Classic (breast cancer edition) on most days. I think the earpieces make a bigger difference then the actual scope. The more ball like ones that come with the Littman fit my ears great, and with a little wiggle I can get a good solid seal and hear beautifully. I can not say this with the cheaper scopes, though I have not tried the nicer earpieces on the cheap scope. I've only known one person that has ever used the battery operated cardio one, and he was a cardiovascular surgeon. I actually gave my brother the Classic 2, as a paramedic who usually has a LOT of background noise, he loves it. One other downfall to the electronic one is that I would be worried about it getting lost. I bought the MC2 online for around 80$ and the other one I bought at a work sale for 45$. The second link is a 'rainbow' color, which i've never seen before and I love it. I usually buy an abnormal color one so no one accidentally walks off with mine.

    This is my favorite one:

    3M Littmann Stethoscope Models : 3M Littmann Stethoscopes: 3M US

    The one I currently use:

    3M Littmann Stethoscope Models : 3M Littmann Stethoscopes: 3M US
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    Thank you so much!! That was extremely helpful. Ill probably go with the light weight littmann you stated above. Sounds perfect. Really appreciate all the great advice. Have a blessed day.
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    Awesome, very glad to have helped! I also noticed some of the websites offer engraving... I don't remember this when I bought my first one 7 years ago. I would definitely pay the extra few dollars and get it engraved, or take it to a place that can do it in your hometown. I remember doing this with those ridiculously expensive calculators for Algebra. Do shop around, sign up for the emails, often I get 15/20% off offers, and they come in handy.

    Littmann Classic II S.E. (Breast Cancer Awareness Edition) Stethoscope |

    That is the link for the one I use most often. I did not get mine off the website, but I did get the MC2 from them. They are pretty good about sending out discounts. I have bought a few others things from their website also, and have had great experiences.
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    Let me add in, I wouldn't recommend the breast cancer edition, or likely any other light colored tubing. My pink is now a dingy bluish/blackish/pinkish color and I haven't found a way to clean it. My pens, nursing bag, and scrubs have all worn off on it in different ways. The other scope was the caribbean blue and it still looks great.