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Not sure if this is the right place for this question...but is gel polish ( not gel tips) sanitary ?... Read More

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    Quote from klone
    Well, it's no less sanitary than regular nail polish.
    Actually, gel polish is less sanitary than regular polish!! Since the gel polish is designed to stay on longer than regular polish, bacteria has several weeks to grow in the tiny chips and along the edges (vs. standard polish, which is removed every few days). The protected areas around and under the edges of the polish serve as a petri dish for bacteria, even if you practice diligent hand hygiene. In the NICU, babies have actually died from hospital-aquired infections due to long-wear nail products, which is where the whole concern began.

    In the units/hospitals where I've worked, 'standard' nail polish has been permitted, but any polish that requires 'curing' (gel, acrylic, etc.) is not allowed. In theory, you could be asked by your charge nurse remove your nail polish, and if you couldn't do it with plain nail polish remover you could be sent home (I doubt that actually ever happened, though). Like OP said, I'd hold off until reading the policy and seeing if it's actually enforced.
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