First time scrub buyer (as an RN)

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I've been looking at some sites online (allheart, uniform advantage, etc.) and I can't seem to find the scrub top I want, which is a solid color with two pockets at the bottom. I know Cherokee has them, but I can't find them! At all! and I don't want to pay more than $15 for a top. Should I just get the one's without pockets and put pockets on them? I can sew but idk if I can match the fabric. I'm really picky about the pockets, I need them!

    Does anybody have any suggestions where they get theirs? I'm a small dude 5'6". Help!

    fireline, rn
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    Aviator scrubs. Go with the best. More pockets= uber lol. One can never have too many pockets. My favorite pair of scrubs have 6 pockets on the scrub top. Plus the better the scrubs the longer they last. You can buy them at walmart but they won't last near as long as a very good set. As an added bonus Aviator scrubs are made in the USA. If you want cheap scrubs Garden Ridge carries scrubs for 6 bucks a piece.
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    I get the 2 pocket scrubs all the time! Try Taffords, that's their specialty They always have great tops in the clearance section - you can get them as cheap as $7. Can't go wrong with the material and fitting either.

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