Compression stockings

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    I want to order compression stockings and would like some input on those who wear them.
    Do you get the prescription ones? I ordered them but dont have a doctor right now to send in the prescription so was hoping to order a few before I can get these. What level do you wear 10-18, 20-30, 30-40 mmhg
    What brands do you like? Therafirm seems like they are cheaper- any experience with them or other lower priced ones? Or Activa? I am thinking of doing the 20-30 mmhg. Which website/store is best to buy them?


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    I use Nurse Mates compression socks that are 15-20mm/Hg. I like that they make my legs feel good after working long 12 hour shifts. They are around $13 a pair at Uniform Advantage. I see the Therafirm stockings on Amazon for around $16. Maybe I'll check them out also.
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    I like the house brand, allegro at They are inexpensive and they often run buy one get one promos.
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    I wear the brand rejuvahealth, which can be found on amazon or at They have fun patterns and run special multipack offers.

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