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Comfortable shoes? Do they exist? - page 4

I'm searching for a new pair of shoes to wear to work. The ones I have now make my lower back hurt after standing for awhile. Any suggestions for a comfortable brand? Bonus question: Dr. Scholls... Read More

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    I use The Swanx clogs. The shoes are Sanita clogs. Sanitas are still handmade in Denmark..while Danskos are now made in China. The Swanx then hires local Seattle/Tacoma artists to handpaint the Sanitas. They're BEAUTIFUL and so comfortable. I love them!! There are so many different styles to choose from or you can custom order your own. A nurse started the company with those 12 hour shifts in mind. I hope this isn't advertising....I have no connection with them other than being a customer
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    Thanks everyone. A store in my area was having a sale on Sketcher's shape ups, so I bought a pair. I've always wanted to try them, and a couple comments said that they help with lower back pain. I'm trying them out tomorrow during my shift, so I'll let you know how they work!
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    Just wanted to ive a quick update. I bought the Sketchers Shape-ups and have been wearing them for about four weeks now. It was the best decision I've made! It took a week of two to break the shoes in. They made my feet hurt the first few times I wore them. But since then I have had no pain in my lower back, even when I go several hours without sitting down. Shape-ups are highly recommneded!
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    I also have the skechers and love them! Super duper comfy
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    I got a pair of the New Balance toning shoes, and they're super comfy. I barely even wear my Birks and Alegrias anymore!

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