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Well, when I took my job I went out and bought all scrubs in the colors we were allowed. Then they removed the dress code and said wear what you like. Then they changed our shoe policy, had to buy... Read More

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    I've never thought about goodwill, but that's a great idea. OP, have you tried Walmart? They have really cheap scrubs. Target also sells cheap scrubs, but online only. I also found a website but I have never used them. As far as the maternity scrubs could you just use the same pants pre and post baby and wear scrub jackets open with a shirt underneath.
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    When I was pregnant, I purchased bigger scrub pants on eBay...slightly used but in great condition...4 pair of scrub pants for $ I bought 2 sets in 2 different sizes. I bought cheap maternity tshirts at Walmart. Then used old scrub jackets left open when my scrub tops didn't fit anymore. I couldn't see spending that much money on maternity scrubs which I would only use for a few months. Good luck!
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    How many shifts do you work a week? Three? Buy three identical sets and that's it and get them used if you can. If you work 5 shifts, do laundry halfway through your week.
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    so riduculous. Patients are not aware of what the colors mean so the purpose of the colors is completely ignored. Our facility creates a badge attachment that has RN or LVN or RT, etc in big letters that hang below the actual badge. This way the patient and visitors and other staff can easily see which discipline I am in. My badge states the department under my name. We got kudos from JC for making this information so visible.
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    forgot to mention that we all wear whatever color we want, but no prints. Maybe you could suggest this to HR. Increases employee satisfaction too

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