Business Causal or Scrubs?

  1. Does anyone have and info or opinion on business casual vs. scrubs? I recently started in an adolescent psych unit, and it is left up to each RN to decide if we wear business casual or scrubs. I like the atmosphere the business casual creates but I really miss not having the pockets of scrubs (especially when I am nervous about accidentally leaving a pen or something sitting around). Is there any scrubs that look like business casual but with pockets? Or business casual tops that have pockets?
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  3. by   bananimal
    I'm in the same exact situation and would love to hear some answers
  4. by   HeatherPsychRN
    After starting my job, I found that on my shift (pm), most the nurses wear scrubs... So I am wearing scrubs, but at least I know the option is there (like if I don't wash my laundry on time...) Also, scrubs are just so much more comfortable... Plus, I like that the patients can see who is a nurse and who is a counselor so they know who can address each need...
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I prefer wearing scrubs, so there is no question in the patient's mind that I am a nurse. After all, the last thing I need is to be indistinguishable from the antisocial patient who decides to imitate or imply they're a nurse. I know, I have the ID badge...but sometimes patients don't look for that badge.