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Best Rolling Backpack?

  1. 1 Hi, I'm starting my LVN program this fall in August 27 and already know there are so many textbooks to carry around for lectures and you know of any sturdy and spacious rolling backpacks?
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    Hi! I'm starting ns this fall too! I spent countless hours trying to find a cute, but functional rolling backpack. Check out Do a search for rolling back packs. They have tons!!!! I went with a Nike rolling backpack in a magenta color. I was worried that it wasnt going to be big enough, but it is huge!!! Very pleased with it. good luck on your backpack search!
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    Hi Magdis2894,

    I am not in nursing school officially as yet. I will tell you what I have read that quite a few nursing students are using are Zuca bags. Google Zuca Bags, but be forwarned, they are expensive. If you really like them, you might be able to find a used on Ebay.

    Good luck with your search.
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    This thread may help you

    School Bag
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    Thank you to all of you for the suggestions, I will definitely check into that. Good luck in your studies as well.
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    I have a Jansport one that has been a God send for over 3 years!
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    I really like my roller, I bought it from Walmart for less than $40. It's the Protoge, Executive Rolling Tote. It has multiple storage compartments and pockets, along with durable zippers. It might be a little on the small side for some though, as I have seen people carry a lot larger. It has more of a box shape, than a backpack shape, which is better for my organization techniques
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    I have a jansport that I got from It's awesome. And it has a lifetime guarantee.