Ban on "shape up" type shoes

  1. My hospital is banning "toning" shoes while working. The manufacturers have given information that says these types of shoes are not meant to be worn for long periods of time at work or when lifting/moving objects due to the wedge insert & dynamic rolling bottom.

    Of course, the nurses are upset! Our flooring has no shock absorption and many people went to this type of shoe after developing plantar fasciitis and back pain. I don't understand how after all the marketing to nurses, now the manufacturer claims these are not meant to be worn by nurses at work.

    Anyone else have these shoes banned? What type of alternatives are there?
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  3. by   HeartsOpenWide

    Pretty ugly shoes though.
    I wear Keens, (I have heel pain to the point that some times I do not even like covers on my feet because the press my heels into the bed and I even have a tempur pedic) and they work great for me,