Anyone have a Thinklabs electronic stethoscope?

  1. I am desperate. I am in my last semester for my RN and my electronic stethoscope bit the dust. I have an ADC electonic scope that my previous school gave me. I need to get a new scope quickly for clinicals. I wear bilateral hearing aids and an electronic stethoscope is a necessary. I have a Littmann Select that will hopefully get me through. I can hear BP's with it but that is about all. I have to make a quick decision. It seems that Thinklabs may be a good choice. My second choice would be a Littmann 3100 which is more money. Does anyone with hearing loss use either of there two stethoscopes. I have to order quickly. Thanks.
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  3. by   metfan
    So, after much research, I decided on the Littmann 3100. I talked to a couple of sales people who said it had better sound quality. I talked to a wonderful person at who was so helpful. The best news is she is sending it right away and I should get it by Saturday or Monday! I am so excited. Anyone have the 3100 and what do you think? It was expensive but I also think it is a good investment. Plus, it looks really cool.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I have the Littmann 3000 and love it. Got it 4 years ago when I graduated from grad school and took a job in nephrology where I have to listen to folks who have a permcath and are getting dialysis!

    Talk about noise!

    The only thing I don't like is that once the battery conks out on you, your steth is useless. I always carry an extra battery. I use mine 5 days a week and can usually replace a battery every 1-2 months.
  5. by   metfan
    I am so excited to get my new scope. I hope it is effective for me. My teachers are not very understanding at this point. I would hate to have to tell them I can't hear breath sounds. I kind of keep my hearing loss to myself because up to now it has not been an issue. My hearing aids are not very visible. I have a feeling it will be great. I had an old ADC that was ok but according to the people who have a littmann, the Littmann is much better quality. So excited! Thanks for the tip about the batteries. I will always keep spares on hand. At least it doesn't take one of those tiny watch batteries.
  6. by   metfan
    I got my stethoscope today! I ordered it Weds and got it already. was great. Unfortunately, I feel sick right now so I am not going to play with it just yet. I am, however, going to take a hot bath and read the instructions first. I hope it works out for me. I ordered it in plum. It is such a pretty eggplant color. Yeah!
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    Just wanted to see how that Littman worked for you. I also wear bilateral hearing aids. I do have an electronic stethoscope with the headphones but hate it. So... I am looking for a regular electronic stethoscope and I was also debating b/w the Littman 3100 and Thinklabs. I have been researching online and now it is b/w these two. Let me know how your littman works. Thanks!
  8. by   metfan
    So far, I am loving my Littmann 3100. It is very sleek. I had been using an old ADC electonic and it was thick and clunky. It did not hang well around my neck. I love that on the Littmann you can see what the volume is set on. It is easy to use and you can set the default settings so every time I turn it on, it is set at the right volume for me. You can set it to go off automatically after a certain amount of time. I can hear with it much better than my old ADC. There is much less artifact (don't know if that is the right word) sounds. Like I don't hear as much outside noise. I guess they call it less ambient noise. I have used it a minimum amount of times because snow days keep cancelling my clinicals. However, I have used it and the sound for me is great. Especially heart sounds. They are very clear. My downfall is lung sounds. I am just not good at them. I can hear them fine with this Littmann, however, I also hear the heart sounds with them. I am still working on this. I have not tried the Thinklabs. I was considering it because it has more amplification. However, I don't have to turn the volume all the way up on the Littmann. I wish I could have tried both the Littmann and the Thinklabs. I was told I could order both and return the one I did not like but that seemed risky. I wish you could try my Littmann. It is so hard when you have a hearing impairment and can't try the different scopes. The Littmann will also tell you the heart rate for you. It seems accurate. I called and they were very helpful. I had my scope in 2 days. I talked to a Noelle and she was great to me. I needed my scope right away. Reviews for the Thinklab are also very good so it is a tough decision. I got mine in plum and it is very pretty. Let me know if I can help anymore. It sucks having a hearing impairment doesn't it. My friends use a cheapie stethoscope with no problem. They don't understand why I couldn't just borrow theirs when mine broke. Colleen
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    Thank you for the reply back. It is a tough decision, but I will also ask w/ my friend who has a thinklab how hers was, but your comments about your stethoscope really helps too! LOL I know what you mean about having a hearing impairment. When I was in nursing school I had to borrow my friend's good littman stethoscope to hear better. Glad to hear I'm not the only one in nursing w/ a hearing impairment. It's always good to know I'm not the only one.... Thanks again for the response back!
  10. by   metfan
    Anytime. Let me know what you think of the Thinklabs. I hope I made the right choice. You never know. It is such an expensive decision. Colleen
  11. by   EmBeMap
    I bought the Littman 3200 for Nursing School, and I love it.. I am a little HOH and was unable to use the cheap manual ones doing manual BP,, so I when I got accepted to NS I decided to take the plunge.. I'm a little worried about instructors telling me I can't use it .. but sounds are clear.. and I love the recording / bluetooth feature.. I use an amplified recording of my hear as a ringtone.. I'm such a dork..
  12. by   metfan
    I am also stll loving my littman 3100. It has made my last semester so much better. I graduate in a few weeks. My biggest fear is losing it. I usually keep it right around my neck. The other day a confused patient was grabbing at it. I am very protective of my stethoscope.
  13. by   ljm253
    OMG!! I am soooooo glad I found your postings on here. I have a hearing deficit too. I start LPN school in Sept. 2010 and am in the process of researching different electronic stethoscopes. This helps me not feel so alone with my hearing loss. I really want to do this (nursing school) but have been afraid my hearing loss will interfere. After reading these postings, I feel so much better. I truly understand what you are saying, I also keep my H.L. to myself. And, also have encountered people who just don't get it or even try to understand. Alot of impatient people in the world. But this is great. I have been leaning towards the Thinklab but reading what you say about the Littman has me thinking again. BTW, just wondering what level of H.L. you have. Mine has a hearing threshold of 45-50db and I wear a digital hearing aid. I am wishing you great success in your new careers. Thanks for any replys.
  14. by   CrufflerJJ
    I've used a Thinklabs ds32A stethoscope for a few years. First as a paramedic, and now as an ICU nurse. It should be noted that the ds32A is no longer for sale, since Thinklabs is supposed to be coming out with a newer model in the random future.

    I've been very happy with my scope.