Anyone have a Thinklabs electronic stethoscope?

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    I am desperate. I am in my last semester for my RN and my electronic stethoscope bit the dust. I have an ADC electonic scope that my previous school gave me. I need to get a new scope quickly for clinicals. I wear bilateral hearing aids and an electronic stethoscope is a necessary. I have a Littmann Select that will hopefully get me through. I can hear BP's with it but that is about all. I have to make a quick decision. It seems that Thinklabs may be a good choice. My second choice would be a Littmann 3100 which is more money. Does anyone with hearing loss use either of there two stethoscopes. I have to order quickly. Thanks.

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    So, after much research, I decided on the Littmann 3100. I talked to a couple of sales people who said it had better sound quality. I talked to a wonderful person at who was so helpful. The best news is she is sending it right away and I should get it by Saturday or Monday! I am so excited. Anyone have the 3100 and what do you think? It was expensive but I also think it is a good investment. Plus, it looks really cool.
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    I have the Littmann 3000 and love it. Got it 4 years ago when I graduated from grad school and took a job in nephrology where I have to listen to folks who have a permcath and are getting dialysis!

    Talk about noise!

    The only thing I don't like is that once the battery conks out on you, your steth is useless. I always carry an extra battery. I use mine 5 days a week and can usually replace a battery every 1-2 months.
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    I am so excited to get my new scope. I hope it is effective for me. My teachers are not very understanding at this point. I would hate to have to tell them I can't hear breath sounds. I kind of keep my hearing loss to myself because up to now it has not been an issue. My hearing aids are not very visible. I have a feeling it will be great. I had an old ADC that was ok but according to the people who have a littmann, the Littmann is much better quality. So excited! Thanks for the tip about the batteries. I will always keep spares on hand. At least it doesn't take one of those tiny watch batteries.
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    I got my stethoscope today! I ordered it Weds and got it already. was great. Unfortunately, I feel sick right now so I am not going to play with it just yet. I am, however, going to take a hot bath and read the instructions first. I hope it works out for me. I ordered it in plum. It is such a pretty eggplant color. Yeah!
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    Just wanted to see how that Littman worked for you. I also wear bilateral hearing aids. I do have an electronic stethoscope with the headphones but hate it. So... I am looking for a regular electronic stethoscope and I was also debating b/w the Littman 3100 and Thinklabs. I have been researching online and now it is b/w these two. Let me know how your littman works. Thanks!
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    So far, I am loving my Littmann 3100. It is very sleek. I had been using an old ADC electonic and it was thick and clunky. It did not hang well around my neck. I love that on the Littmann you can see what the volume is set on. It is easy to use and you can set the default settings so every time I turn it on, it is set at the right volume for me. You can set it to go off automatically after a certain amount of time. I can hear with it much better than my old ADC. There is much less artifact (don't know if that is the right word) sounds. Like I don't hear as much outside noise. I guess they call it less ambient noise. I have used it a minimum amount of times because snow days keep cancelling my clinicals. However, I have used it and the sound for me is great. Especially heart sounds. They are very clear. My downfall is lung sounds. I am just not good at them. I can hear them fine with this Littmann, however, I also hear the heart sounds with them. I am still working on this. I have not tried the Thinklabs. I was considering it because it has more amplification. However, I don't have to turn the volume all the way up on the Littmann. I wish I could have tried both the Littmann and the Thinklabs. I was told I could order both and return the one I did not like but that seemed risky. I wish you could try my Littmann. It is so hard when you have a hearing impairment and can't try the different scopes. The Littmann will also tell you the heart rate for you. It seems accurate. I called and they were very helpful. I had my scope in 2 days. I talked to a Noelle and she was great to me. I needed my scope right away. Reviews for the Thinklab are also very good so it is a tough decision. I got mine in plum and it is very pretty. Let me know if I can help anymore. It sucks having a hearing impairment doesn't it. My friends use a cheapie stethoscope with no problem. They don't understand why I couldn't just borrow theirs when mine broke. Colleen
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    Thank you for the reply back. It is a tough decision, but I will also ask w/ my friend who has a thinklab how hers was, but your comments about your stethoscope really helps too! LOL I know what you mean about having a hearing impairment. When I was in nursing school I had to borrow my friend's good littman stethoscope to hear better. Glad to hear I'm not the only one in nursing w/ a hearing impairment. It's always good to know I'm not the only one.... Thanks again for the response back!
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    Anytime. Let me know what you think of the Thinklabs. I hope I made the right choice. You never know. It is such an expensive decision. Colleen
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    I bought the Littman 3200 for Nursing School, and I love it.. I am a little HOH and was unable to use the cheap manual ones doing manual BP,, so I when I got accepted to NS I decided to take the plunge.. I'm a little worried about instructors telling me I can't use it .. but sounds are clear.. and I love the recording / bluetooth feature.. I use an amplified recording of my hear as a ringtone.. I'm such a dork..

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