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A question for those who use a Nurse Pro Pack or fanny pack or any other kind of pack

  1. 0 Do you wear it over your scrubs or under your scrubs? I'm a bigger girl and am leery of getting one cause I'm not sure how to wear it so I don't look even fatter.
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    Are pockets pass? I can fit a whole lot of stuff in my scrub top and cargo pants pockets. Seems that wearing a fanny pack would just be another infection control issue. And no one looks good wearing one, sorry..
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    Agree with above, fanny pack = bacteria magnet. Are you going to wash that after every shift?
    Get scrubs with pockets...what are you carrying? Scissors, pens, stethoscope, tape, smartphone, reading glasses and ....
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    I'm sorry but I wasn't posting this to start a debate on the reasons not to wear one. I just want info from those that do wear them. I work in long term care and we have to wear black scrub pants and red polo shirts without pockets so I'm trying to find an easy way to carry my gear. When I put things in my scrub pants they weigh them down and when I wear my white vest it feels weighed down and over heats me since they keep the temp up to boiling to keep the elderly warm.
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    I absolutely HATE putting things in my pockets, though I Love the look of pockets. I have hated having things in cargo pockets since I was 20 and in the military (UGH I hate filling cargo pockets!)....I have been eye balling the ProPacks and I see a few nurses using them. They wear them either way...just no fanny pack, opening and closing that zipper would KILL me.

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