Would appreciate resume help

  1. I would love any constructive criticism about my resume!
    I'm in a BSN/MSN program and graduate in May. I'm in the process of applying to inpatient RN jobs and am having some trouble editing my resume. I'm not sure if I should leave my NP rotations on the resume, or where I should put them. I'm only applying for RN jobs to build up my experience and skills. I took the NCLEX halfway through my program but have only worked as a camp nurse for one summer, so have very limited experience and thought it would be better to leave more about my clinical rotations. Any advice would be great!

    Name, contact info

    Nursing School May 2013
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner GPA: 3.7

    College name December 2009
    Bachelor of Arts in English GPA: 3.3

    Registered Nurse. MA Board of Nursing License XXXXX Expires 7/2/2014 Eligible for NAPNAP Certification Exam in Pediatrics May 2013
    CPR/AED for the Health Care Provider Expires 8/11/2014
    American Red Cross

    MSN Preceptorships:
    Cancer Institute/Children's Hospital Fall 2012
    Worked with multidisciplinary bone marrow transplant team in inpatient and clinic setting. Utilized advanced assessment skills to manage the care of hematology/oncology pediatric patients both during and after bone marrow transplantation. Presented patients to attending during unit rounds.

    Primary Care Pediatrics,
    Spring 2013
    Primary Care Pediatrics, Fall 2012
    Primary Care Pediatrics, Spring 2012
    Independently performed well child and sick visits. Assessed, diagnosed, and formulated treatment plans for patients with a variety of illnesses, including prescriptions, and reported to preceptor. Administered vaccines and nebulizer treatments, documented visit notes in EMR.

    BSN Rotations:
    Pediatrics, XYZ Hospital Fall 2011
    Labor & Delivery, XYZ Hospital Fall 2011
    General Medicine, XYZ Hospital Spring 2011
    Cardiac Step Down, XYZ Hospital Fall 2010
    Acute Medicine/Psychiatric, ABC Medical Center Fall 2010
    - Administered medications via PO, IV, IM and NG
    - Changed chest tube dressings using sterile technique
    - Scrubbed in and observed Caesareans in OR
    - Created and evaluated detailed care plans for patients
    - Performed newborn and mother assessments
    - Assisted patients with ADLs
    - Functioned as a team member with other students on my unit
    - Performed point of care testing, 12 lead EKGs

    Nursing School
    Teaching Assistant, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
    Created study materials, led group and individual tutoring sessions for second year Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students.

    Summer Camp

    Registered Nurse Summer 2012
    Worked as the sole registered nurse responsible for over 250 children's care. Provided direct care to children with a diverse range of medical diagnoses and needs, administered routine medication, maintained medical records for all campers and staff, educated staff and families on camp safety,and communicated with parents frequently regarding their children's care.

    American Cancer Society, Boston, MA
    Road to Recovery Intern Summer 2006
    Acted as a resource to area cancer patients by coordinating transportation to and from their oncology appointments. Provided information regarding the patients' diseases and directed them towards other available resources.

    XYZ Hospital
    Volunteered on oncology unit weekly during college. Interacted with patients and acted as a resource for therapeutic communication. Assisted with administrative duties on the unit.

    Children's Hospital Easter Basket Fund Co-Founder 2003-2006
    Raised over $7,000 from local businesses and community members through a letter campaign. Used funds to assemble and distribute over 120 Easter baskets between two units at Children's Hospital and Cancer Institute yearly.

    Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society
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