stupid stupid stupid!

  1. Ugh. Applying to my first hospital job.

    I spent all day yesterday painstakingly filling out an online application, which had to be faxed or snail-mailed. I planned to send it with my resume and cover letter. I spent all last night painstakingly tweaking both. I spent all morning painstakingly printing my everything, signing it as neat as possible and finding a perfect envelope and printing a label. I walked to the post office with my envelope under my shirt to protect it from the rain. I had the post office guy stamp it "do not bend."

    Then I got back and realized I mailed my resume and cover letter, but not the application.

    what is the best way to handle this?? Should i just fax it all as soon as possible (probably Tuesday)? Should I re-mail the whole package? If I do, should I clarify that I'm including it because it was missing in my previous correspondence? Or should I just sit tight and see if I hear back?

    God I suck. Not off to a good start, am I?
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  3. by   130tobe
    I would remail the whole package with a note stating the app wasn't included with the first one. Good luck- you're only human and you don't suck!
  4. by   anashenwrath
    Thanks for the feedback 130tobe!

    I just can't believe it. It's like you work so hard to get every little detail perfect and then just mess up in the most basic way.
  5. by   dishes
    LOL, I've painstakingly filled out forms, put them in an envelope and accidently threw them in the public garbage bin instead of the mailbox.
  6. by   midwife1021
    Resend the entire package including a brief but, nice well written letter explaining you mailed your cover letter and resume accidentally omitting the application. As long as you demonstrate a professional manner in resolving the error, the employer will acknowledge you are only human but, able to deal with "life's frustrations and mistakes' effectively and move on.
  7. by   anashenwrath
    Haha, thanks everybody!

    I ended up faxing it over today (thank you Staples!) with the application, cover letter, and resume. Since I doubt they got the snail mail version yet, I'm hoping someone comes in on Monday and receives the fax first. Then when they get the mail version, it will just be a follow-up of the resume on nice paper.