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  1. I am writing my resume for hospital jobs. I have been working in a rehab facility as a nurse manager for the past 6 months and worked as a LPN for 3 years prior. I am having a hard time with the experience portion of my resume. I am not sure what exactly to write. I know I should probably include the nursing process but having a hard time expressing it on paper. Here is what I have for my nurse manager position...if anyone has any comments that would be great! Thanks
    • Practiced as a nurse manager within a skilled rehabilitation facility. Cared for a variety of complex patients including post op, rehab, respite care, dementia, elderly, mood disorders, complex mental disorders, and chronic illnesses.
    • Facilitated admissions, discharges, and transfers.
    • Responded appropriately to emergencies as needed.
    • Performed medication administration, direct patient care, wound care, catheterizations, bladder scanning, and noting physician orders.
    • Exercised IV insertion and management and PICC line management and removal.
    • Participated in scheduling, physician rounds, and plan of care meetings.
    • Managed, supervised, and evaluated the practice of nursing.
    • Provided education to patients, family, and staff members.
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    I think what you have is fine. Like I mentioned in another thread, try to keep the whole resume down to 1 page if you can so depending on what else you're including, you might be able to concentrate those 8 points down to 4 or 5 without loosing any content.
  4. by   srose25
    Thank you!