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    So the story is, my unit is undergoing changes and transforming from a 34-bed tele unit to a 22-bed tele/stepdown unit. Unfortunately because we down-sized, nurses are being "displaced" to different units. I'm one of those nurses being displaced but I figured I could take this opportunity to change jobs completely. I just started working here as a new grad and will hit my one year mark in November. I just wanted someone to look at my resume because i still have some experiences from college on there and wasn't sure if i should keep it or not. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks

    First Name Last Name, RN, BSN
    City, State Zip
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    Hard-working, goal-oriented, compassionate skilled professional nurse with 1 year experience on a fast-paced, 34-bed telemetry unit seeking a position that will utilize outstanding assessment skills, excellent communication skills, and provide exceptional patient care.

    Hospital Name, City, State
    Staff Nurse - Heart Failure Unit

    • Provided direct patient care to patients requiring continuous telemetry monitoring including LVAD, transplant, and medical patients on the heart failure unit
    • Participated in coordinating discharge planning and home care with doctors, social workers, case managers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists
    • Served as a patient advocate and recognized for patient satisfaction
    • Monitored daily weights, intake and output, and reported symptoms and changes in patients' condition
    • Actively participated in codes and rapid responses on the unit
    • Participated in Performance Improvement projects and activities
    • Provided written and teaching/demonstration skills for extensive patient education
    • Modified patient treatment plans as indicated by patients' responses and conditions
    • Counseled patients a family members on the promotion and maintenance of health and disease prevention through health teaching

    College Name, City, State
    Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing


    • New Jersey Registered Professional Nurse
    • New York Registered Professional Nurse
    • Basic Life Support for Health Care Professionals
    • IV Certified

    Member - American Association of Critical Nursing

    Volunteer, Somerset Medical Center (Summer 2011)

    • Extend patient comfort care and staff support by answering call lights, refreshing water, assisting patients with meal trays and feeding, and listening to patients and family members
    • Survey patients on stay satisfaction after discharge
    • Ensure each patient has Patient Education Folder and review materials with patient if needed

    Presenter, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (2011)

    • Collaborated with peers and identified areas of improvement on Stroke/Oncology Unit
    • Developed a plan to implement a change on the unit
    • Research included extensive literature reviews, interviews with nursing staff, radiology department, and risk management, product research
    • Utilized management theories to plan change
    • Provided a slide show and oral presentation to Vice President of Clinical Services, Patient Care Director and Nurse Manager of 5 Dean: Stroke Oncology/Unit

    Presenter, Hot Topics and Evidence-Based Research Fair (2010)

    • "Soothing music can raise oxytocin levels during bed rest after open-heart surgery: a randomized control trial"
    • Presentation on evidence-based study to healthcare professionals using PICO

    Presenter, Jewish Community Center on the Palisades (2009)

    • Discussed Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, early signs, and prevention tips


    • Proficient with Windows Vista operating system and Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access)
    • Outstanding customer service skills with background in retail
    • Experience in collaborating with different departments that required maintaining open and effective communication

    Reporting and Identifying Child Abuse in NYS (June 2011)
    NYS Infection Control Training (September 2011)
    National Institute of Health's Protecting Human Research Participants (September 2010)

    • Certification Number: 53556

    Nursing Student Organization (2008 - 2011)

    • Participated in donations and charity events
    • Advised underclassmen on nursing curriculum

    Filipino-American Student Association (2007 - 2010)

    • President - raised over $500 for Ayala Foundation, awarded Outstanding Cultural Program of the Year, volunteered at various local charity events, led meetings with 40+ members, worked closely with Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, educated members and campus on relevant issues
    • Vice President of Internal Affairs - worked with Student Affairs and other student leaders to positively represent the organization

    Asian/Pacific-Islander Ancestry Month Committee (2010)

    • Assisted in planning the events of celebration for April 2010
    • Collaborated with the Diversity Action Committee to plan "Culture Shock," an event that introduces new students to multicultural organizations on campus launched Fall 2010
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  3. by   danielleknows
    i think this is pretty awsome, I was updating my resume just now.
  4. by   danielleknows
    i think this is pretty awsome, I was updating my resume just now. i think you should keep your college experiences until you have a few years under your belt professionally. That is what I am doing so that future employers can see growth and diversity.
  5. by   RN2012Newbie
    This looks great! Organized and to the point! Goodluck looking for a new job!