New Graduate Resume Help!!!

  1. Profile Summary

    Nurse enthusiast and role model passionate in providing high quality patient care.
    Fast learner, flexible, comfortable with computers and technology.
    Calm and level-headed in high stress environments and situations.
    Highly organized with details and tasks, uses time management effectively.
    To obtain a Registered Nurse position that will allow me to grow professionally and influence people find a balance in health and wellness.

    Skills Summary

    Recognized the importance of early assessment, attention to detail, time management, organization skills, and communication.

    Computer Skills
    Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications, Adobe Photoshop

    This is what I struggle with the most in my resume. Can anyone give me any advice on how to improve my profile summary and skills summary. I am a new grad and listed my clinical rotation schedule and hours as my only clinical experience above my skills summary. I have no other work experience.

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    Wow, i did not know it was going to look like that as i posted it. My apologies!