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  1. Hi everyone. First post here after years of lurking. I'm looking into having a professional resume writer rewrite my resume, though will be utilizing my free resources before making the $100+ jump.

    Please critique my resume! I had my clinical instructor critique my resume prior to graduating, though am not sure about her advice. I feel as though I have some interesting experiences, but have not had a single interview since applying since February.

    Formatting is a little bit off, but thanks in advance!!

    Attain position as New Graduate RN for XXXX Hospital

    XXXXX May 2012-Present
    City, State
    Healthcare Assistant

    • Administer medications and treatments to Adult & Pediatric cognitively delayed population
    • Triage incoming clients into health center and facilitate in EMS transport as necessary
    • Familiarize and train Nurse Interns on established policies and procedures
    • Transport staff to Occupational Health/Urgent Care as necessary

    XXXXX September 2011-April 2012
    City, State
    Community Health Nurse Intern/Counselor

    • Managed individual patient assignment of Adult & Pediatric cognitively delayed population

    • Offered compassionate, encouraging assistance with feeding, ADL's, and self-care
    • Performed medication administration and nursing interventions for patient assignment
    • Ensured patient activity involvement and provided behavior management

    XXXXX December 2011-January 2012
    City, State
    Medical/Surgical Nurse Externship (160 hours)

    • Delivered patient-centered care in Rural setting for up to 4 patients across lifespan (Newborn, Pediatric, Adult, and Hospice)
    • Gained further familiarity with Med/Surg skills and competencies
    • Corresponded with interdisciplinary team to deliver complex multidimensional care
    • Improved time management skills through delegation and astute prioritization
    • Attended CEU course on Basic Critical Care Concepts/Hemodynamics

    XXXXX January 2011-June 2011
    City, State
    Activity Assistant
    • Elicited compassionate socialization for Alzheimer's/Dementia population
    • Provided 1:1 room visits and conducted group activities

    XXXXX University May 2012
    Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    Double Minor: Nutrition & Psychology
    Preceptorship: Oncology/Medical (120 hours) XXXXX Medical Center
    • Demonstrated efficiency by safely delivering excellent care to 4-5 patients in Oncology, ESRD, HIV, Telemetry, and Custody populations
    • Alleviated patient suffering through symptom management, interdisciplinary communication, and interpretation of lab values

    Vice President California Nursing Students Association

    • Demonstrated leadership and provided immediate ancillary support to President in timely fashion
    • Assisted in re-establishment of professional student nurse organization now recognized at state and national levels
    • Implemented strategy which increased membership by over 700% and generated over $5,000
    • Developed collaborative leadership conference with Lucile Packard and S.F General Hospital

    Research Assistant to XXXXX Ph. D.

    • Aided in establishing research project on interdisciplinary perspectives on domestic violence
    • Consulted with team of physicians, nurses, and social workers to prepare logistics
    • Participated in preliminary clinical simulation and contributed nursing knowledge

    Fundraising Co-Chairperson Graduation Committee

    • Generated funds and organized graduation with 1,200 attendees

    Other organizations-- Oncology Nursing Society
    Medical/Surgical Nursing Club
    Sigma Alpha Lambda National Honor Society

    L'Institut Catholique de Paris Summer 2009
    Study Abroad in Paris, France: Conversational French

    • Extensively enhanced knowledge of French language & culture over 5 weeks of residence in Paris, France
    • Demonstrated persistent flexibility and adaptation in novel cross-cultural environments
    • Routinely expressed diligence to cultural distinctions and integrated appropriate behaviors

    University of California, Berkeley, Summer 2008
    Summer Study: Feminism & Postcoloniality

    • Completed graduate level anthropology course juxtaposing minority societal norms (Postcoloniality, Feminism, & Queer Theory)
    • Developed analytical skills alongside internationally and nationally traveling students

    Contra Costa College June 2007
    Associates of Arts--Liberal Studies

    El Camino Hospital
    Patient Care Liaison
    • Provided 6 months of service on acute care Adult Oncology/Surgical Unit
    • Offered therapeutic conversation to Oncology patients in various stages of disease
    • Provided patient teaching on bedside technology during admission
    • Supplied and restocked PPE and bedside cabinets & performed light administrative duties

    Good Samaritan Hospital
    Occupational Health
    • Administered annual flu vaccines and TB tests to hospital employees

    Chai House Residential Clinic
    Flu Clinic
    • Assisted in organizing flu clinic for independent-living Senior home
    • Administered over 60 annual flu vaccines for elderly resident

    Rock n Roll Marathon Series
    Medical Volunteer
    • Triaged marathon runners immediately after finish line under physician supervision
    • Performed treatments including cryotherapy, administering NSAID's & salt, and wound care

    Asian American Donor Program
    Bone Marrow Donor Drive
    • Promoted on-campus event and distributed fliers to recruit bone marrow donors into registry
    • Registered as bone marrow donor

    City Team Ministries
    Food Service Assistant
    • Served warm meals to victims of addiction, poverty, and incarceration
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  3. by   Jaynaproudmoore
    Your resume is great. Unfortunately many employers will not even look at your resume if you do not have acute care experience as a nurse. When I got my first job as a new grad my boss told me there were hundreds of applicants. my boss said she did not have the time to screen every resume and often had to tell HR just to pick the best ones for her. HR will pick the ones with the most experience almost every time. Funny, my boss said she didn't even know who had a license or not. I got the job because I went in person to speak to the manager and called for a followup to set up an interview. I did very well in the interview however she told me that she didn't even know I had applied when I called. After the interview she said I was on page 17 somewhere. Jobs are hard now, I realized that I needed to be assertive and show the managers how much I truly want this job and that I deserve it because I am a hard worker. Managers don't know who you are. We need to tell them how great we are and we deserve this job. And my interviewers admired my assertiveness a lot. They want employees who take initiative.

    I also compiled a portfolio of my resume, cover letter, copies of licenses and certificates, and awards I got in school. If you were recognized at any former job or while in school tell them. I brought that with me when I went in person.
  4. by   NewGrad0512
    Thank you! I have been discouraged lately, but will continue applying to hospitals. I need to be more assertive and take more initiative.

    Anyone else have any feedback for my resume?
  5. by   Keseratops
    Wow, it looks like you have a great resume with lots of experience which you clearly outlined. Did you find a job? I would think you would be a shoe in. Only thing I hear from a few of my managers is that they want a one page max resume, because they will rarely read past that... but that is so hard to do and get in all the information desired.