New Grad Needs help with Resume and Cover letter

  1. Hello Everybody,

    I just graduated from the LPN program(Vancouver) at the end of August 2012, passed the cprne exam. Since there are not a lot of LPN jobs in the lower mainland, I need help to make my resume stand out from the rest. I have changed my resume numerous times and still don't have a job. it's been 4 months since graduation and I'm getting quite discouraged . Nevertheless I haven't given up and still am looking for a job.

    As well as I am also considering of relocating to another province such as Alberta or Manitoba for work, but I am not to sure as to how I should word that in my cover letter, without looking desperate!

    Please keep in mind, the resume and cover letter are better formatted in a word document.

    A few questions:

    1. In my clinical experience, should I put the number of hours that I have worked for each clinical roatation?

    2. Under references, Should I or should I not put my references in?

    3. Should I put my LPN license number on my resume?

    ANY help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you to all in advance : )

    Name LPN
    1234 Street
    Timbukto, ABC
    Postal Code
    Phone number

    Recent Licensed Practical Nurse graduate seeks entry-level nurse position.

    Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Month & Year - Month & Year
    College name, Location
    GPA number

    Health Care Aid Month & Year - Month & Year
    College name, Location

    High School Grade 12 Diploma Month & Year - Month & Year
    High school name, Location

    Experience Dates Hospital/Facility Unit Location
    Preceptorship July - Aug 2012 Hospital name Surgery " "
    Clinical Rotation June - July 2012 Hospital name Surgery " "
    Clinical Rotation June - July 2012 Hospital name Medicine " "
    Clinical Rotation March - April 2012 Hospital name LTC " "
    Clinical Rotation March - March 2012 Hospital name LTC " "
    Clinical Rotation Nov - Dec 2012 Hospital name Rehabilitation " "

    *Registered LPN Member of (licensure company name here) Sept 2012 - Present
    *Certification in CPR and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

    Job title month & year - month & year
    Company, Location
    * Assisting burns, cancer clients and post-operative patients with personal care
    * Communicate changes to client's condition to team leader
    * Assist nursing staff with burn dressings changes
    * Assisting patients with ambulating and eating

    Job title month & year - month & year
    Company, Location
    * Assisted customers in selection of various clothing brands
    * Manage inventory
    * Operating cash register, exchanges and item holding
    * Opened and Closed store and responsible for holding key

    Job title month & year - month & year
    Company, Location
    * Assisting clients with proper eating habits
    * Completing clerical duties
    * Managing inventory

    Microsoft Office programs,Operating Windows XP and Apple systems,Internet,HTML, and 41 wpm


    Available Upon Request


    Timbukto, ABC
    Postal Code


    Human Resources

    Dear Nursing Recruiter,

    I am writing in response to the advertisement posted on the (website here), for the position of a full time Licensed Practical Nurse in (location here).

    I am a graduate from (college name here) and a registered member of the (province licensure name here). I have completed a large component of my clinical nursing placements within long term care facilities and acute care facilities. I am enthusiastic regarding this position; understanding that good patient care requires a solid foundation in nursing practice, critical thinking, teamwork, good written and verbal communication skills and the willingness to learn new skills and techniques.

    Throughout my career as a student, I have gained strong knowledge and skills in:
    -Assessing the patient's state of health
    -Formulating holistic plan of nursing care
    -Implementing nursing actions and evaluating patient response
    -Using my ability to multitask and critically think under pressure
    -Coordinating services with all interdisciplinary members

    You will notice that I am currently living in (location here). However, I open to relocatingfor the right opportunity. I would be grateful for the chance to speak with you at a time of your convenience, so that I can further discuss my background, qualifications, and interests in detail. I can be reached by phone at 000-000-0000 or by email Thank you for you're time.


    name, LPN
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  3. by   xInspiredx
    Your objective is too basic. You should target it towards the particular position that you want.

    I've read not to include your high school diploma on your resume.

    "Thank you for YOUR time." (not "you're")

    I would make the verb tenses consistent. For example, for the second job listed under your employment history, the verbs should all read in the past tense (since it seems to me that you had the job in the past). (Assisted, Managed, Operated, etc. etc.)