Need help with my resume to get into a hospital Need help with my resume to get into a hospital | allnurses

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Need help with my resume to get into a hospital

  1. 0 I am a RN BSN, I graduated last year and the only jobs Ive been able to get are Nursing homes with sub-acute units, I really wanna do medical surgical nursing instead of rehab, I have been applying for Hospitals but I never hear from them, I tried calling and emails, still nothing...

    This is my resume Please let me know If I need some adjusting

    Career Profile:

    As a Registered Nurse I have been able to gain experiences with medically diverse patient populations from critically ill to long term residents in relatively good health. I am seeking a position that will broaden my knowledge and expertise in critical care. My experience as a Clinical Associate prepared me for the basic foundation of maintaining patient dignity and protecting patient rights.

    Professional Experience:

    RN at Essex Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Beverly, Ma 2013- Present
    - Collaboration with LPN's, CNA's and Physicians
    - Exceptional capacity to multitask
    - Performed colostomy care
    - Administered IV therapy through PICCs/implantable ports
    - Provided skilled nursing care on a 40 bed sub-acute unit
    - Performed Gastrostomy tube feedings
    - Performed Tracheostomy care

    RN at Golden Living and Rehabilitation Center - Gloucester, MA 2012- 2013
    - Admission assessments and discharge planning
    - Urinary catheterization
    - Collaboration multidisciplinary team
    - Disease management with IDDM, ESRD, COPD
    - Pleurx Pleural catheter drainage
    - Wound vac experience
    - Massachusetts Event Reporting/DQI

    Clinical Associate at Beverly Hospital - Beverly, MA 2010-2012
    - Phlebotomy and EKG administration
    - Help with ADL's and ambulation
    - Urinary catheter removal
    - Assisted RN with admissions and discharges

    Educational Experience:
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors, Salem State University

    Licensures and Certificates:
    Licensed Registered Nurse, Massachusetts
    Certification of Basic Cardiopulmonary Life Support for Healthcare Provider

    Other Qualifications: Fluent in Spanish