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LTC nurse, pursuing hospital position

  1. 0 Hello my fellow RNs! I've been a nurse for 2 years. The first 10 months was in LTC facility. Then after that, I got hired as a part time critical care nurse in a big hospital. Orientation takes 3 months for a critical care nurses and before I hit my 3rd month of orientation, I got terribly sick. I had to leave work for 1 1/2 weeks. When I come back, I was asked to resign because (according to the policy) orientees were not suppose to leave work when in orientation. The HR also said that it would only worked if I had been admitted in the hospital. I had a doctor's note and my ER trip receipt but it wasn't enough. I was at the top of my orientation too. I had high remarks by my preceptors so I know it wasn't because of my performance. So anyway, I made peace with it because I understand I was in orientation and I was disposable.

    Then a couple of weeks later, I was called back by their sister company and got interviewed. I was suppose to go for my second interview when the HR manager called and said that I didn't pass my reference check. Someone from my reference gave me a bad mark. I was devastated. No work, no insurance. I kept looking for any job.

    Then after 3-4 months search for work, I accepted a LTC nurse position as per diem in 2 different companies. I know I can't live without the benefits and the unsteady paychecks so I am looking for a hospital position part time or full time position...

    I am wondering though, if I can put in my resume my hospital experience? I have my ACLS, BLS, IV training, and Basic Cardiac Rhythm Course completed through that orientation. It was about a year since I was asked to resign. Since then, I have 2 jobs as a LTC nurse. Is it logical to put my hospital experience even if it was only for 2 months and that I was also asked to resign? If I don't put that in my resume, I have 4-6 months of no work. Is there any way that I can make sure that my previous job don't give me a bad reference? (I know its a stupid question but I'm desperate.) Please help me out, my fellow RNs...