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    I am currently an LPN (3 years) working on a busy neuro medical-surgical floor at a large hospital. I will be graduating in May with my ADN-RN and need help with my resume. I hope that having some experience as an LPN will help give me some advantage when applying with the hundreds of nurses that will be graduating at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions in how I can highlight my experience in a way that will allow potential employers to look past the fact that I AM a new graduate?

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  3. by   chaosacres
    I have the same problem except I have 18 years as a LVN in California. To date, I have sent out over 50 applications and no interviews-being told that I am considered a 'new graduate' (which I am I realize..) and unless I utilized the facility during my clinical rotations, I would not be considered (this is especially true if one is attempting to apply for any entry level positions in Nevada...). It has frankly been an eye opening experience and very disheartening as I work through trying to find an open door through which I can get my foot into...
    Don't apologize nor down play your experience as a LVN/LPN. You have utilized and perfected skills which many who have never even been in the healthcare field outside that of a nursing program are just beginning to master. Also, being a practicing LVN/LPN, you have an understanding as to what is expected and what your role is as a member of a healthcare team. This puts you at an advantage as a RN, you may be required to serve as team leader/charge nurse and you will at least have a realistic idea as to what can be expected from your LVN/LPN team members and what their scope of practice entails. In addition, I would also say that orientation should be shortened for you in comparison to a brand new grad with no experience in that you have been exposed to and have practiced many of the skills that may need to be taught/extensively reviewed for others. This can shorten the length of orientation and cut costs for the prospective employer-an important consideration in today's economy.
    These are just a few of my thoughts. Hang in there and think outside of the box. It's hard to think that one may have to start all the way at the bottom again after having 'put in one's time' in another area but all you have to do is to get that foot into the door....
  4. by   meeshelly03
    I have also been a LPN for 4 years and just graduated from the RN program June 1,2011. I have put in tons of applications only to get a sorry we have chosen someone that has more experience. I wish I knew what these employers are wanting.. How do you get the RN experience if nobody will give you that chance?? It is very heartbreaking to think that I went back to school for nothing..