Including "family friend" in cover letter.. help!

  1. Hi everyone,
    My aunt's friend works at a medical center/Dr's office type setting and told my aunt to have me fill out the application, and send along with my resume and cover letter, and to include her name in the cover letter. I am just lost on how exactly to include her name while still sounding professional. The friend does not work in HR otherwise she would just take my app & resume. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    Dear (name of human resources person),

    I was pleased to learn of your need for a staff nurse in X Medical Center, as my career goals and expertise are directly in line with this opportunity. I was referred to the position by (name of family friend) who is employed as (job title) at X Medical Center. My experience and education have provided me with knowledge of medical procedures, patient relations, and office organization that would make me an asset to your facility.