Improving your resume as a new grad

  1. 4 I graduated over a year ago could not find a job anywhere in Southern California. I had posted more than 75 applications and resumes for a New Grad Program, or any other position available. Finnally a recruiter told me to "UP" my resume, to make it look like I was "above average, above the crowd". I went to a faciltiy in Corona and took ECG certification, ACLS, PALS, and NRP. The skills not only icreased my knowlege and skills, it helped improve my self-esteem and understanding of cardiac patients. I was shocked when the local hospital called and said they were impressed by my resume and offered me a job in Post-partum, my love! Yea, I have a job!
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    Good job. How did you find taking ACLS without having a lot of hospital experience? I have been wanting to take it but it's not really applicable to the work environment I am in right now.
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    I want to take ACLS too but am worried that I will be wasting my time and not pass since I don't have any experience. Feedback of your experience would be great!
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    I'd love to take the ACLS course but my friend took it upon being hired in ICU, but it still cost her somewhere around $200 to take it. I think she stomped her feet a little and got reimbursed eventually - after all, she was taking it as a requirement for her new job - but I have no real interest in critical care and so wouldn't apply for such a job. I'd be paying $200 just to have a certification I don't need for a job where I won't necessarily use it just so I can have it on my resume >_>
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