If you guys could look over my resume :)

  1. Any kind of feedback would be appreciated!!

    At this point in time it's so empty that i'm really dejected, if there is any way for me to plump it up please tell me.

    I took out the objective since a lot of feedback on allnurses says it's just fluff.

    Also, I was thinking of getting taking an ACLS in the near future, is there any place on my resume that i could add that?

    Thanks a lot you guys!

    *edit: the formatting is neater in the document

    Address line 1 (SPACE............................................ ................)Phone:
    Address line 2 (SPACE............................................ ................)Email:


    • School, City, State
      (indented)Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Graduation date: June, 2010 GPA: 3.71
    • School, City, State
      (indented)Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graduation date: May, 2012 GPA: 3.48


    • Licensed nurse in state, ID #: 2012xxxxxRN
    • Certified in BLS


    • Senior Practicum, Hospital- Neurology, 135 hours (**hospital im applying to**)

    (Indented)Familiar with EPIC
    (Indented)Medication/Storage Pyxis
    (Indented)Medication Scanner
    (Indented)Cared for a broad spectrum of patients under supervision of preceptor
    (Indented)Skills: IV medication administration, Foley catheters, patient
    discharges, medication administration,

    • Medical/Surgical, Hospital- Orthopedic unit, 135 hours
    • Psychiatric Mental Health, Hospital, 90 hours
    • Obstetrics, Pre/Postpartum and Nursery, Hospital, 135 hours
    • Medical/Surgical 2, Hospital- Neurology unit, 135 hours
    • Community Nursing, Clinic, 90 hours
      Set up free vaccine clinic, taught women's health classes

    Work Experience
    • Caregiver, Assisted Living, 5/2008- 9/2008
    • CNA, Rehab, 6/2008- 9/2008

    Volunteer Experience
    (Indented)Student Volunteer: _________., 9/2009- 8/2010
    (Indented)Volunteer: Asian community health fair, 6/2011
    (Indented)Bilingual; fluent reading/writing Korean
    (Indented)Proficient in Microsoft Office
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  3. by   PCroizier
    Preface: not yet a nurse so I haven't gotten myself hired anywhere with my resume skills (yet) but I do have some ideas from much research.
    The order I think looks best is

    Personal info
    Skills that make you stand out (put the clinical skills you are sure of here also)
    Work (with job description/responsibilities)
    I say to put clinical here because of mixed reviews about even including it, since every rn has gone through clinicals.
    What would make your clinical stand out is if you have a reference from that instructor.

    I would also like to hear others knowledge about whether including clinicals is the right thing to do.
  4. by   adamva
    The best advice I can give you is to have a different resume and/or cover letter for each different position applied for. This can be difficult with the online application process for hospitals because sometimes they will only let you upload one resume, they will typically let you assign a different cover letter for each position you apply for though. I think for a new grad a cover letter is definitely important because your resume can't stand on its own as easily as an experienced nurse(no offense).

    Adding an objective is pointless, noone reads them. Once you have taken an ACLS course you can definitely add that under licensing. If you are asking is there a place you could add that you are planning an acls course I would say no, perhaps if you have scheduled a course and have a date that you can include then you could list it under your licensing tab... but it would likely appear awkward at best.

    When it comes to including clinical experience from school, I would definitely include what is pertinent to the job I was applying for. If you are looking for an ICU position they probably don't care about hours spent working with a school nurse or in a psych hospital, you should definitely place relevant clinical experience at the top and put the unrelated clinical experience lower on the list just for visual fluff.

    You're a new grad, you don't want your resume/cover letter to look like every other new grad's does. Think about what makes you different from the average new ADN/BSN grad. Your cover letter should definitely mention that you have two bachelors degrees, and as a general rule on your resume your most recent degree/the degree more relevant to your field should be placed first on the list. Speaking korean is more of an asset if there is a large korean population where you live but it should definitely be listed either way.

    Once you do have that first year or so of experience, don't be afraid to start from scratch with a brand new resume. When I looked for my second job as a nurse my "new grad" resume just didn't cut it and couldn't really be transformed into something that resembled the nurse I am today, I didn't even keep the same format. I can send you a copy of my newer resume if you want some inspiration.
  5. by   iigreenteaii
    pcroizer: i was kind of torn about the clinical thing as well, but my resume is so empty i felt i needed to include them. haha

    adamva: i would love to look at your newer resume for some inspiration! thanks so much! And thanks for all the advice on my resume.
  6. by   adamva
    PM me your email. I don't use the site much so I can't PM
  7. by   nurse_starlight
    I have been told not to put the license number on the resume. There should be a place on the application for that. Also, they can make a copy of your license when you are hired.
  8. by   iigreenteaii
    adamva: i have no idea how to pm so here's my email. iigreenteaii@yahoo.com
    nurse_starlight: thanks for the tip, i'll just write that i'm a licensed nurse instead.