How do I list my skills?

  1. I have only had one job post-graduating and am looking to move on. In preparation for this, I've re-vamped my resume. In every different example I looked at, something different was done!

    Could anyone take a look at how I have my skills listed and perhaps offer some suggestions to increase readability? I was also interested in maybe listing a small paragraph overview of my responsibilities, but then highlight a few select "bullet points." If it helps, I'm applying to mostly PICU's and inpatient pediatric facilities, so I'm hoping to gear my resume to those positions.


    "[COMPANY], [Location] July 2011 - Present
    Community Health Nurse, Pediatrics

    Manage artificial airway, including tracheal suctioning, tracheostomy tube change, tie change and humidification. Provide ventilator management, including trouble-shooting, alarming, setting and equipment changes. Responsible for enteral equipment and feeding;, including g-tube placement and verification, enteral medicine administration, residual assessment and feed administration. Administer and assess effectiveness of pulmonary treatments, including cough/deep breathing, cough assist machine, chest percussion therapy, and nebulizer machine. Responsible for providing medicine, oxygen and other treatments based on assessment data. Assessment of all body systems from head to toe with targeted system assessments based on changing health status. Oversee adjunct therapies and providers, including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Coordinate care between patient and healthcare providers. Provide education to patient/family and other care providers as needed to promote supportive environment. Prioritize care and treatments based on assessment information and document accordingly. "
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