Help with objective statement please

  1. I'm a new graduate RN and I would appreciate any input on the following questions...

    Is an objective necessary for a new grad open to any job experience?

    Is this a good one?

    "Seeking a Registered Nurse position which will allow me to expand my practical experience while utilizing my nursing education and excellent interpersonal skills to provide quality health care to patients"

    And finally...should registered nurse be capitalized in this sentence?
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  3. by   mamatara
    First of all, Congratulations! I am assuming this objective statement is for a resume. I find objective statements unnecessary and really just BS for the most part. (I am by no means saying you don't mean yours 100%) When I used to hire (in a different field before I was a nurse) I never even read the objective statement because I already expected those things from the people who were applying- it was a given. I always hated writing my own resume!
  4. by   llg
    I haven't included a statement of objectives on my resume for decades. They don't add much useful information ... and they provide a big opportunity for you to "blow it" by writing a bad one. Big potential risk + small potential = "not worth it" in my book.