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Grad nurse ASN building resume?

  1. 0 Hey people, I still have time before I need to be considering this, but I figured I would inquire sooner, rather than later.
    So I will be graduating in 16 months with my ASN (hopefully!). I understand that in todays economy a BSN is more desirable, and any grad nurse with no experience is not top pickin's.

    I do have a few things going for me though.
    I have been a CNA working in a hospital for over two years. It will be 3.5 years when I graduate.
    How much do you think this will help my resume? (and my desirability as a candidate)
    I am also volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps, which is similar to the Red Cross, except on a more localized level.

    Do you think that these two items help my resume all that much?