First Resume - Please Help!

  1. Hello All! I am new to this site and new to resume writing as well. As it stands my resume is pretty rough. I'm currently working as a server so my nursing experience consists solely of that which I gained from nursing clinicals. This is what my resume looks like so far, but after wading through tons of resume examples online I'm honestly not really sure what it should look like anymore! So...I used A resume building program which threw the formatting off but, here is is:

    Heather Kroeck, LPN

    xxxx Oak Trail Dr.
    Saint Louis, MO xxxxx

    Home (xxx)xxx-xxxx
    Cellular (xxx)xxx-xxxx

    Personal Statement: Licensed practical nurse committed to providing the highest quality care in a respectful manner which both preserves the individuality and maintains the dignity of each patient cared for.


    Certificate in Practical Nursing 2011
    Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Missouri.
    GPA: 3.46
    Dean's List: Spring 2009, Fall 2010

    General Transfer Studies Fall 2011 - Present
    Saint Louis Community College, Kirkwood, Missouri.
    GPA: 3.54
    Dean's List: Spring 2012

    Licenses and Certifications:

    - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Licensed in the state of
    Missouri. License Number: xxxxxxxxxxx

    - Certificate in Practical Nursing - Jefferson College, 2011

    - IV certification, 2011

    - CPR/AED certification - American Red Cross, 2010 to 2012

    Undergraduate Clinical Training

    - Geriatrics: Delmar Gardens South

    - Med-Surg, Orthopedics: Saint Anthony's Medical Center

    - Med-Surg, Telemetry: Des Peres Hospital

    - Med-Surg, General Surgical: Saint Anthony's Medical Center

    - OB: Mineral Area Hospital

    Relevant Experience

    Server/Hostess, Feb 2009 - Present
    Texas Roadhouse, Arnold, Missouri

    - Utilizes strong communication and customer service skills.
    - Maintains a positive attitude and friendly demeaner in stressful situations.
    - Exercises attentiveness to the needs of the customer.
    - Interacts positively with a wide range of people from diverse ages and cultures
    - Functions cooperatively as a team member, working with other team members
    and leaders towards a common goal.
    - Able to organize, prioritize, and multi-task efficiently.
    - As a hostess, provided training to other employees.

    Barista/Team Leader, 2007 - 2009
    Cafe' Breve', Imperial, Missouri

    - Prioritized a broad range of responsibilities.
    - Demonstrated skills as a leader, delegator, and communicator.
    - Handled customer relations, determined customer needs, and built a solid
    - Handled money, counted and balanced the cash drawer, and desposited money
    into the safe nightly.
    - Monitored and reported off inventory to night management.
    - Trained other employees on all facets of operation and job performance.
    - Commended for strong work ethic.

    All advice/constructive criticism welcome! I feel like its lacking, I'm just not sure what it needs (besides the obvious work experience that I don't have). Should I cut out some of my work experience? I was told to pick out what could be relevant to both fields and work with that but it doesn't seem to be working very well. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   manda0931
    Because you are a new graduate and have no experience I would recommend trying to showcase what you've learned in school to the best of your abilities. Instead of having every clinical site listed maybe take the clinical site that you did most recently and put down certain things that you've learned there. For example on my resume where I had no previous work experience I pretended my last clinical site was a job (at times it felt like it) and formatted it the same way as my other jobs. I also wrote things like: assessed patients and implemented care plans according to findings, administered medication including IV piggybacks and documented patient findings in the electronic medical record.

    There are tons of ways to format your resume but I liked incorporating this into mine. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. by   CaptScrubs13
    Just my thoughts, but I would rename your work "work experience". And if possible eliminate a couple bullet points/condense? And add skills and more detail to the clinical areas.

    Like you, I didn't work as a CNA through school so my work exp is unrelated so I put details of each clinical (hospital name, area, and length of time spent there) then I had one bullet list of all skills I had done related to nursing. You need to make that area stand out

    Good luck!