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I am going to apply to Universidad Metropolitana, and Inter Americana, for the Bi-lingual nursing programs there. If any one has any information about applying to either school, information about how... Read More

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    I understand that you attended interamerica over 2 yrs ago, but I'm interested in applying in 2016 and was just wondering how was the process for you, working, living arrangements etc
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    I spoke with someone who has a niece in PR who just finished nursing school. She said there is some political unrest due to finances. Is this true?
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    I am considering going to Puerto Rico for nursing. Is it expensive for non Puerto Rico residents? How about housing?
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    I am going to INTER this coming year 2017. It has been a pain but luckily I have a friend who went there and one that is there currently. Anyway we can help each other will be great!!!
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    When are you enrolling? I'm already in the nursing program I'm planning on starting next year march.
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    I've already sent all my paperwork. It's a pain to get them to process it but thy said they will process it in January for March start. I'm going to take some online classes until I move there in August. Which program will you take? English or Spanish? I thought August was the only start date for English?
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    I'm doing the English program, I know a semester starts in march i thought I would be able to start in march instead of waiting until august i will have to call them to ask. There are some classes you have to take before you can start the nursing program, some christian class, a history class of Puerto Rico, you have to do spanish 1,2 and 3 and English 1,2,3. First semester we will have to take the christian class and history class along with Spanish and English, than we start the nursing classes. I'm going to call them tomorrow, if I can't start in march than i guess I have to start in august.
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    Yeah, it's my understanding that the English program starts in August. That's why I'm going to try and do the online stuff in March. Who are you going to call? They never answer! 8 can't ever get through to admissions. Do you have a contact there? Where are you moving there from? Do you have living arrangements? I'm looking to rent a place with someone. I also hear that transportations is bad and we will need a car to get around..
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    Don't have any connects but I have never had a issue with them not answering lol. I plan on calling the director of the nursing program, I'm moving from Miami, Housing is pretty cheap over there like you can find a good apartment with like water included for around 300-400, I want to get a apartment near the school in a place called La Cumbre thats where most students rent I have seen prices from that apartments in la cumbre for 2 beds 1 bath for 500-600 a month with water bill included. Yea you need a car to get around La cumbre is like 5-10 mins away from the school walking i heard.
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    That's good to know about la cumbre. Thansjks for the heads up. And yeah, the only person I can ever reach is *****, the director. But she always refers me to admissions for anything to do with admissions. The only way I've found out anything is because my friend is going there now and he took my application for me and did the foot work. Sounds like we will be starting at the same time so it will be nice to know someone. Are you taking a car from Miami?
    I will pm you my contact info so we can chat that way.
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    I plan on purchasing a used car. Yea send me your info so we can talk about it, I have a friend over there atm going to CRNA school he did his nursing in Puerto Rico like 4 years ago than became a nurse practitioner didn't like it so now hes back in Puerto Rico going to school for CRNA.
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    Cool well let's discuss for sure. It won't let me on you because it says I'm too new to the site. Here man I'll shoot you my fake google number and then just shoot me a text there and I'll give you my real number.. it's
    crna school huh? That's my whole goal as well! That's why I'm doing this.. allright man, well hmu at that number.
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